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Just then, Isabella came into the boys' backyard, skirting as usual towards Phineas. I guess even summer vacation has its limitations." "You were watching that show about the Southwest, weren't you? Her workplace might need her just when we plan to leave. Phineas told the group that he would miss them all, but promised to bring lots of pictures of everything. "It's the first time I'm going to Texas to visit my family. The moonlight was reflected on his thoughtful gaze. "Yeah, I do." Her voice reflected more sadness in it than she wanted it to. "Well, I kind of regret not relaxing during our short stay there. The point is, I want this trip to be fun for the both of us. And I'll make it my goal to have you enjoy yourself." Phineas smiled at Isabella. A sudden gust of wind picked up, blowing a strand of her hair loose. Phineas and Isabella said goodbye to her, Isabella giving her a hug and a kiss. "Oh, I almost forgot to tell you", Vivian said as she snapped her fingers. And not to lie, I kind of need the money too." Genuinely disappointed, she said "Too bad I already bought two plane tickets. " "I mean, that plane ticket will just go to waste if nobody comes with me. This consisted of packing about one week's worth of striped white-and-orange shirts and matching jean shorts. Let me just eat a quick breakfast." Linda was way ahead of him though. "Thanks mom." When he was done eating, he grabbed his luggage and put it in the back of the Garcias' minivan. "Allright, I'm all set." "Good, we're right on schedule." said Vivian. "Just be careful when you both venture over there." "I guess we're ready to go" Vivian said. " "Allright, bye mom, bye Ferb, and bye Candace" said Phineas as he hugged his mom, patted his step-brother's back, and hugged Candace, who had just woken up and looked a little annoyed. "Have fun and don't forget to keep in touch." "I won't forget, promise." With that Isabella and Phineas got into the back seat of the van. The first plane would arrive at Dallas, the connection city. "We arrive at 10 in the morning, but the next plane doesn't leave until ." "I did that on purpose", she replied. He marveled at the skyline, the street lights outlining the sheer size of the city. She said that it was fine with her." "Oh, well that's great" exclaimed Phineas. When he was satisfied with what he learned, he started packing. You won't be able to come back into the country without it." "Here it is" said Linda as she gave it to Phineas. She stated that they would receive two tickets each, because they had to take two flights to arrive at El Paso. They were on the interstate, and he gazed at the cars cruising next to them. I had a feeling that Isabella would ask me if you could go with her, so I went ahead and asked. The next day, Phineas spent most of the morning researching the place. Don't worry, they'll be okay." Vivian then started telling the two about the trip.Bestensee (dpa/bb) -Die Netzhoppers KW-Bestensee bleiben in der Volleyball-Bundesliga im Rennen um die Playoff-Teilnahme.Gegen den Tabellennachbarn TV Rottenburg feierte die Mannschaft von Trainer Mirko Culic am…

"I wish there was a good excuse to make us go explore the rest of the U. "And I'm not just saying a daytime trip like the one we did around the world. We should take a week or so, to immerse ourselves in each region for a day or two. " "That's quite a bit of wishful thinking" was the reply from Ferb. When he was done with all of this, it was already about 3 in the afternoon. "I have a feeling that this vacation is going to be awesome." After saying goodnight to each other, both Phineas and Isabella went to their houses to get rest before the early morning ahead of them. Funny how one gets the least sleep right before a trip, thought Phineas as he jumped into bed. He really didn't remember what he was dreaming about. Luckily, Vivian reserved their seats online, so they didn't have to get in line.

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«Ich habe mich an ihm orientiert, an seiner Art zu spielen und auch…

Phineas nodded, "Yeah, I guess you're right, there's no way our mom would let us take a week to explore the U. "Well, I just came by to tell you that I'm leaving in two days to visit some of my family in Texas" she replied. They ran across the street and entered the Garcia-Shapiro house. He spent the rest of the daylight hours with his friends, including Isabella and Ferb. Phineas and Isabella sat under the tree, both admiring the moon, and thinking about the trip. It was all a blur after being shaken awake by Ferb. They printed the tickets out in the self-service kiosks, and only had to drop the bags off in the counter specifically for the self-service customers.

S, especially by our usual means." With that they sat silently, admiring the day. We were just thinking about going around the country for a week, but it's really not possible. Only a program like that (or a good legend) would inspire you to do something like explore other places." Phineas gave her a toothy grin. This made her go into Phineas-Land, if only for an instant. "I think my mom is going with me, but she still isn't sure. Isabella's mom, Vivian, was sitting in the living room watching television, with Pinky the Chihuahua sitting on her lap. They went to Sandwich Hut, where they talked and had fun. "I can't believe we're leaving Danville tomorrow" Isabella said. "Thanks Izzy, you always know what to say." "What can I say, I know you too well." A toothy grin spread across Phineas' face. They gazed silently at the moon for a while, and Isabella turned towards Phineas. "It's a beautiful night." He shifted slightly, "I was just thinking about that trip around the world. " Isabella's eyes lowered, the memory of Phineas ignoring her during their stroll through the City of Love still fresh. As they headed towards the security checkpoint, Vivian told them that she couldn't go with them into the terminal.

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