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Hours later, the hostage situation ended when the SWAT team shot and killed Salters - one of the bullets also struck the nurse in the arm.The suit alleges there was a pattern of negligence by the guards in charge of keeping watch of Salters while he was getting treatment, including deputies not properly restraining him at all times, sleeping, using their personal cell phones and watching television while on duty.The lawsuit alleges Salters was unrestrained when he took the deputy's gun because he told the deputy he might have to go to the bathroom again.The suit alleges nurses complained about one sleeping deputy, and had questioned the lack of restraints on Salters prior to the hostage situation.

That's when he encountered police and hid with the nurse in a darkened room for those three and half hours, and her torturous ordeal unfolded.

“If you have the desire to do something — If you have a passion for something — you are going to do it, you are going to do it to the best of your ability, and I think more often than not you are going to succeed.” Soon after she started, Sambolin added anchoring and reporting for Telemundo, becoming the first Chicago broadcaster to work on the air at both English and Spanish stations simultaneously.

She’s the second high-profile personality in recent weeks to leave NBC 5 for a network gig in New York.

Thursday evening Kearns' family held a vigil outside Woody's bar, giving her a tearful farewell."Tonight's not about what happened. It's about the memory of Katie Kearns," Matt Kearns, her brother, said."She lit up the room. And she didn't even have to talk," said Tim Kearns, the victim's uncle."She reached people. She got to people's hearts, and she meant a lot to all of us," said Daniel Brandt, friend. She was one of four children in a very close-knit family.

They allege the inmate's guards didn't follow protocol. The nurses have not returned to work since the May 13 standoff, still traumatized by the incident.

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