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This was followed by the debut of the NBC Gold Network, also known as the Pacific Gold Network, on October 18, 1931.The Orange Network carried Red Network programming, and the Gold Network carried programming from the Blue Network.

NBC officially started broadcasting on November 15, 1926.WEAF maintained a regular schedule of radio programs, including some of the first commercially sponsored programs, and was an immediate success.In an early example of "chain" or "networking" broadcasting, the station linked with Outlet Company-owned WJAR in Providence, Rhode Island; and with AT&T's station in Washington, D. New parent RCA saw an advantage in sharing programming, and after getting a license for radio station WRC in Washington, D.In 2003, French media company Vivendi merged its entertainment assets with GE, forming NBC Universal.Comcast purchased a controlling interest in the company in 2011, and acquired General Electric's remaining stake in 2013.

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The early effort fared poorly, since the uninsulated telegraph lines were susceptible to atmospheric and other electrical interference.

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