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Without this it's simply impossible to determine where and how far RF signals are propagating.There are numerous options are available, therefore you should look to obtain a USB GPS that is supported on operating system that you are using be that Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.It can be used in conjunction with Metasploit where if an exploit exists in Metasploit, it can be launched directly from Retina to verify that the vulnerability exists.Open VAS is a vulnerability scanner that originally started as a fork of the Nessus project.An 802.11 USB adapter allow for the easy connection of a wireless adapter to the penetration testing system.There are several issues with using something other than the approved USB adapter as not all of them support the required functions.The software requirements are based upon the engagement scope, however we've listed some commercial and open source software that could be required to properly conduct a full penetration test.

For this reason, Back Track is the platform of choice as it comes with all the tools required to perform a penetration test.A good magnetic mount Omni-directional antenna such as the L-com 2.4 GHz/900 MHz 3 d Bi Omni Magnetic Mount Antenna with RP-SMA Plug Connector is a good choice.A GPS is a necessity to properly perform an RF assessment.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.This section is designed to be the PTES technical guidelines that help define certain procedures to follow during a penetration test.

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Something to be aware of is that these are only baseline methods that have been used in the industry.

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