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We've seen literally thousands of comments and social media posts about the tangled web of former CIA Director David Petraeus' career-ending affair.Readers are talking about politics, the timing of Petraeus' announcement and possible long-term impact.In the end that is however irrelevant, because men will seek actively sex only if what they get at home isn't worth the effort.Note: sense of guilt sex is the ideal way to push a husband to cheat. Now there is a basic unfairness when a man is married with a woman of his age ... that has however nothing to do with cheating, rather with national security.Of course, if good sex was there to start (I say IF...cause often it wasn't), then the question is why it isn't anymore.

We received more than 2,000 answers to our unscientific poll, and as of p.m.

Her friend left her drunk at the club under the care of her friends,(not my wife's friends, who did nothing to keep her from doing something stupid.

In her drunkenness, my wife let a guy pick her up and came home at am with the guy's stuff inside of her. When trust goes, the relationship is seriously damaged. I think it is largely dependent on the point of view of the two people in the relationship.

Indeed, other forms of touch like kissing (13%) and hugging (less than 1%) were picked even less often. We also heard from a few readers about fantasizing, which garnered the most comments but only 8% of the survey votes.

Overall, readers seemed to place a lot of power in the mental aspect of love.

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Two weeks later, I figured it out the hard way, though I had suspected what had happened before that. I'm still with my wife, because of my 5 y/o daughter. Some women don't care if their husbands go out and get massages with happy endings, believe it or not.

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  1. Herança de um tempo em que era “normal” dar pitaco na intimidade feminina e controlar a sexualidade das mulheres, esses estereótipos estão presentes em filmes, como “Legalmente Loira”, “O Noivo da Minha Melhor Amiga”, “Um Dia” e “O Melhor Amigo da Noiva”.