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As much of the city slept, 19-year-old William Walter Scott III stood at the corner of 12th Street and Clairmount, watching as police escorted scores of black patrons out of a blind pig on Detroit’s west side. He had a particular interest in two of the people being led away. William Scott, known as Bill, was among a crowd of mostly young African Americans gathering to watch the police hustle club patrons into waiting paddy wagons.However, a fourth victim — a 19-year-old male — was discovered Sunday. Craig didn't give any further information on the suspect aside from his age.The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office said it has received paperwork from police for a 16-year-old suspect. "When we have large numbers of youth gathered sometimes there are fights.He said a police investigation found that the shooting, which occurred about p.m.outside the rear entrance of the Detroit Institute of Arts, involved students from East English Village High School and related to a fight that had occurred previously at a championship football game at Ford Field.

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His father, William Walter Scott II, was the principal owner of the club, an illegal after-hours drinking and gambling joint. The night was hot and sticky, and the crowd’s initial teasing of the arrestees devolved into raucous goading of police as they became more aggressive, pushing and twisting the arms of the women.“You don’t have to treat them that way,” Bill Scott yelled. Let them walk, you white sons of bitches.”By the time the wagons were full, the crowd had swelled, the taunts had grown more hostile and, though police manpower was thin early Sunday, several scout cars responded to the scene.

Cops stood at the ready in the middle of 12th Street, billy clubs in hand, forcing the throng back on the sidewalk.

Scott, tall and lean, mounted a car and began to preach to a crowd long accustomed to the harsh tactics of the overwhelmingly white Detroit police in black neighborhoods: “Are we going to let these peckerwood motherf—— come down here any time they want and mess us around?

”The blind pig, also known as the United Community League for Civic Action, was on the second floor of Economy Printing at 9125 12th Street.

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