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These tasks require a lot of man and womanpower," argue Malherbe and Hall.

"And, in areas where cultivation is practised, the land can support greater numbers of people.

Martin West explains why cattle were valued so highly in African farming communities.

Cattle were a considerable source of food, though more for milk than for meat.

Archaeologists call this period of history the Iron Age.

Like the Khoikhoi, the Iron Age farmers also had domestic animals and pottery.

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Women's work Even though cattle received so much attention, survival' depended on the cultivation of crops which was the work of the women.They also provided many valuable by-products such as skin for clothing and hide and horn for containers.Dung was used for fuel and for plastering walls and floors.The importance of cattle As with the Khoikhoi, cattle had great importance in these societies. The cattle kraal was the social centre of the village, the meeting place for men and a place that women were usually not allowed to enter!The herds of African farmers were larger than those of the Khoikhoi. Those who owned the most cattle had the most power.

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Men might help with heavy tasks such as clearing ground, but even this they regarded as a favour. Land belonged to the community but individuals were given the right to use it.

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