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Kate: That was one of the poor choices that we made. But as soon as I saw Kate, I felt something I hadn't felt before, really. It took me six months to call her after I met her and I think my sponsor got sick of hearing about it. At the time, I didn't really think that I was looking for a life partner.

I get it, as much as one can who is not actually an alcoholic. I didn't know Kate's name or I couldn't remember it when I called.I said to her, "You are kind of putting my health and my life at risk by coming over here.And if you have chosen that, then you have obviously chosen that over me already." I probably think that the guest list was fifty-fifty for people that were sober and people that drink.I just knew I wanted to know her more.: Yeah, so, growing up I had a solid family.A lot of support, super loving, would do anything for you.

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While I thought there was something there in the previous relationship, it was when I got sober that I realized that it was a very codependent, manipulative relationship.

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