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Antonelli's attorney Charles Smith rebutted, "You must 'have testimony and tlu's objector has none. In addition to complaints similar to those heard in the first pan of the hearing over\vheiher block print could consti: tute a signature, all five complaints held that Moulchin is not truly an Antioch resident.

There is no statute that goes to this; He (Antonelli) shouldn't even be here." " Morozin concurred. Jodi Gott, speaking on behalf of herself and three other objectors, .brought photos With date confirma- .

FOUNDED 1886 FEBRUARY 14-20, 2003 75 cents HOME & OUTDOOR LIVING i ■**£* AMVK FEB.

15-16 at the Lake County OFFICIAL GUIDE Fairgrounds INSIDE FOREFRONTS 2003 Featuring people milking a difference in Lake- County residents' lives COMING FEB.

"This will be seed money for various projects," said Haley. ii LL1 Classified B17 Healthwaich B9 Movies UJ8 County ,.... B12 Obituaries B16 Crossword 112 Horoscope LL6 Sports B13 GET CONNECTED-Look for us on the Internet at WWW. coin Circulation: cite @ lakelandmedia com Genofal'Queslions; Top: Dave Miles, Vlck Lagrippe, Mike Clark, Kurt Larson and a contingent of other avid fisher- men take time out for a BBQ on the ice that includes Oysters Rockefeller.

"We need new software, survey equip- ment, our meeting rooms need updating, our swim facilities are out- dated, security at public works facili- ties needs to be increased and our recording keeping is in dire need of updating." Mayor Taso Maravelas asked how far behind the village is in updating some of these items. Haley said the sale of the bonds would not increase properly tax as the 1996 bonds will paid off in December and this would essentially rollover those bonds with the increase of the village's valuation. They came to Channel Lake in Antioch to ice fish in the 43rd Chain O' Lakes Ice Fishing Derby sponsored by the Northern Illinois Conservation Club.

Pierce said what he was to pre-,, sent was "just argument" and not : factual and complained that Jodi Gott filed Antonelli's papers on his behalf without power of attorney."He can still be issued licenses to sell tobacco after he , pays the fine. Assistant State's Attorneys George Strickland and Ken La Rue presented.It's like when we catch liquor stores selling to minors; they don't lose their licenses forever." Koziol is scheduled to appear in Branch 3 Court in Grayslake on March 3. the case, arguing that Ruhl, acting at the direction, of Raymond Serio, 20, of Round Lake, ■ pulled the trigger."We will continue to do spot checks of this business and other business- es." Govekar said the charges came when surveillance was set up after a number of complaints came into the sheriffs department from parents. 30, detectives stopped three separate teen-filled vehicles within one hour after they drove away from the shop.In all three incidents, the' drivers were under the age of 18 years old and admitted to buying cigarettes in the shop from "Jim." "It's not like he had a grocery store," said Govekar.

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